Matt Meets Gordon: Episode 19

Posted by Matt '13 on Sunday, April 11, 2010
I don’t know about all of you, but for me this Easter was very different than usual. Instead of traveling back to Pennsylvania to be with my family or going to the home of a friend on campus, I stayed on campus for the entire four-day break. This was an odd experience, because I was one of the very few people who decided to remain in their dorm. As a result, I lived as a quasi-hermit for several days. While spending a long time alone might seem like torture to many of you, for me it was a welcome change of pace. One of the things that first time college students fail to anticipate when they come to school is that they will very rarely be alone. It was a fact that I myself overlooked, and since I am by nature an introvert it wore on me as time went on. After many months of rarely finding a precious moment of solitude, I was excited to have a weekend to spend largely by myself. For the first two days, it was a pleasant, although slightly boring, experience. However, that all changed on Easter Sunday. I went to church and then went to the home of a family I knew for Easter Dinner. When I came back to campus after that wonderful meal, I realized how much I missed all of the people that I was accustomed to seeing. Time crawled along until people began to return on Monday afternoon. As more and more friendly faces returned, I realized how much they all added to my life. Even though it was all right to live as a quasi-hermit, my life was much richer with other people in it. The almost constant exposure to people that I had experienced since coming to Gordon had not been the nuisance that I thought it was. It was in fact yet another way that God was enriching my life during my time at Gordon College.


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