Matt Meets Gordon: Episode 16

Posted by Matt '13 on Sunday, March 14, 2010
Hello Readers! On the last day before I left Gordon for Spring Break, I took advantage of Gordon’s proximity to Boston and went exploring in the North End. I met a friend from high school who attends Northeastern at their dorm and headed over to the North End on the T. Before long, I was striding across a few of the seemingly inestimable number of bricks that were used in the construction of North Boston. I do not know why, but I have always loved the look and feel of old brick buildings, so I was happy as a clam in a neighborhood made entirely of bricks. Despite my love of bricks, the part of the North End that I found to be the most interesting was the people who lived there. The neighborhood that we walked through was almost entirely Italian. Not only were Italian bistros as plentiful as the bricks, but also the average person on the street was just as likely to be speaking Italian as they were to be speaking English. I felt almost as if I was in another country. In fact, if not for the cold weather and clouds, I could have been convinced that I was in Italy. I was amazed that a place so remarkably different from Gordon was only an hour away from the campus. As I got on the commuter rail and headed back to campus, I resolved to try to make it into Boston more often so that I could take advantage of Gordon’s wonderful geographic location and proximity a city as vibrant and fascinating as Gordon.

Boston's North End


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