Matt Meets Gordon: Episode Thirteen

Posted by Matt '13 on Wednesday, February 03, 2010
Hello readers! As I have mentioned before, one of my favorite aspects of my Gordon experience thus far has been the wonderful community and fellowship that can be found all over campus. Last week I told you all about floor fellowship, an example of planned fellowship within my residence hall that I have experienced. This week, I experienced a more spontaneous but equally beneficial kind of fellowship with my fellow Evans inhabitants. This fellowship centered around an unusual event, an inter-mural basketball game. This particular game featured my team, made up of freshman from Evans, against a team made up mainly of sophomores from Evans. This was our third game and third loss of the season, but even though the my team did not win, I genuinely enjoyed myself. In fact, I would count Monday night’s game among my most enjoyable experiences playing basketball. I was rather surprised by how much I enjoyed myself, especially as someone who has many good memories of shooting hoops and someone who played organized basketball well into high school. However, when I thought about it, I quickly realized why I found this particular game to be such a pleasant experience. The reason is what I mentioned earlier, fellowship. Monday night, I was able to play a fun game with and against good friends of mine. I was given a chance to not only get some exercise and blow off some steam, but I was able to spend time with friends whom I truly respect and care for in a different context than I usually do. As our group was walking back to Evans, someone said that the game might as well have been a hall event because so many people from the dorm showed up. When I heard those words, the community and fellowship that I had unexpectedly found myself in the midst of struck me and the fact that I was a part of that community filled me with joy. I walked the rest of the way with a smile on my face as I thought about how blessed I am to be part of the wonderful community of Gordon College.


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