Matt Meets Gordon: Episode Fifteen

Posted by Matt '13 on Monday, February 22, 2010
Hello everyone. As I told you all in my last post, this semester as part of my Great Conversation class I have been given the opportunity to spend my Monday afternoons volunteering at the Boys and Girls Club in Lynn. The Boys and Girls Club is one of the community partners of the Gordon in Lynn Program (go to http://www.gordon.edu/gordoninlynn for more info) which oversees the service learning portion of the Great Conversations course. I have been to the Boys and Girls club around a half dozen times thus far, and each time I go there, I enjoy myself more than I did the last time. I came into my volunteering experience not knowing what to expect. I had no idea what it would be like to be thrown into the midst of 400 children, and I was nervous about it. However, within my first few minutes at the Boys and Girls Club, my fears were alleviated. I was given a fascinating and complete tour of the facilities by one of the boys and I met many of the wonderful staff members. As I was led around the Boys and Girls Club by my younger guide, I was amazed at the amount of activity, the kindness of the children and the boundless energy and compassion of the staff. My initial impressions of the Boys and Girls Club have not been altered by my subsequent visits; rather, they have been reinforced by my new experiences. Whether I am officiating a foursquare game, being defeated by one of the kids at bumper pool or just talking with a child or staff member, I keep finding that I am genuinely enjoying myself. In fact, my visit to the Boys and Girls Club is often one of the highlights of my week. Below are some pictures of the Boys and Girls Club, sorry if they are a bit blurry. Thanks for reading and God bless.

The Boys and Girls Club of Lynn

The Downstairs Gameroom


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