Matt Meets Gordon: Episode Twelve

Posted by Matt '13 on Monday, January 25, 2010
On a clear and cold night at Gordon College, two groups of young men stand on opposite sides of a clearing between several dormitories. A shout sends both groups into motion and within moments the air is full of snowballs soaring in parabolic arcs towards their intended targets. I am admittedly over dramatizing a snowball fight, but it was more than just a bunch of guys throwing snowballs at each other. This was actually an example of one of the most crucial aspects of Residence Life at Gordon, floor fellowship. The concept of floor fellowship is simple. Once a week, each floor gets together and spends roughly an hour together doing a variety of different activities. This week, my floor had an epic snowball fight on the mini-quad in front of Evans, but we have done lots of things together. We began the year with each roommate pair hosting fellowship for a night and giving their testimonies to the rest of the floor. Going around to each room on my floor not only gave me free food once a week, it also gave me a wonderful opportunity to truly get to know the men that I live with. This experience not only made me feel more at home on my floor and around campus, it allowed me to begin forming friendships that I hope will last for a long time. Along with these more serious benefits, floor fellowship has often just been a good time. Whether dodging snowballs, watching Elf, or just hanging out, spending time with my floor has often been one of the highlights of my week. Floor fellowship has been a wonderful part of my college experience thus far and is just one more reason that I am incredibly happy that I choose to attend Gordon College.

The Evans Snowball Battle Field several days after the skirmish


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