Matt Meets Gordon: Episode Nine

Posted by Matt '13 on Tuesday, January 12, 2010
Hello readers! I hope that you all are preparing for a Merry Christmas and enjoying your winter break. Seeing as I just finished my first semester at Gordon, I would like to take this entry to tell you all about the fantastic fun of finals. While I am being a little sarcastic here, I actually enjoyed some aspects of finals week. One of these enjoyable experiences took place in the last class period of each course that I took. As the class was wrapping up, each professor handed out evaluation sheets not only for the students to grade their teaching performance but the value of the class itself. I did not expect these evaluation sheets, and I was presently surprised when they were passed out. What pleased me about this process was not the evaluation, but the spirit behind it. To me, these evaluations represented a conscious effort on the part of Gordon’s administration to improve the quality of the education that the university provides. While the improvement education on its own is a noble goal, I was even more pleased that the administration desires to actively include its students in this process. This not only demonstrates the college’s deep commitment to providing a great education, but also their humility and willingness to truly make education a partnership between student and faculty. As cliched and corny as that sounds, it is the truth. Even though I did not know about these evaluations, they have given me one more reason to be happy that God led me to Gordon. This brings me to my final point; as college acceptance letters begin to arrive at all of your homes, I hope that you all end up where God wants you to be. If that place is Gordon College, wonderful. If it is not, God bless. Thanks for reading and Merry Christmas.


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