Matt Meets Gordon: Episode Eleven

Posted by Matt '13 on Tuesday, January 12, 2010
Happy New Year everyone. After a fun but all too short Christmas break, I have returned to my home away from home, Gordon College. I actually had a couple of Freudian slips over the holidays and referred to Gordon as my home. Whenever I would make one of these slips, I tried to figure out why it had happened. After only a few moments of mulling it over, I had come to the conclusion that the reason I kept calling Gordon home was that it had become a second home to me. This feeling was new to me, a person who had only lived in one house my entire life and had only ever known one home. Gordon felt like home to me not just because it was the roof that had slept under for a few months, but because of the relationships that I had begun during my first semester. As I sat around at home, even though I was enjoying my family, I found myself missing my friends from school. The anticipation only built as I waited at the terminal in Philadelphia, knowing that I was only a few hours from being back at my second home. I realize cliched this sounds, but it is the honest to goodness truth. Over the last two days, as I saw the people that I had missed for the last several weeks, I found myself have the same Freudian slips that I had over break. Only now, I knew it felt like home because it was home.


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