Matt Meets Gordon: Episode Six

Posted by Matt '13 on Sunday, December 06, 2009
Welcome back everyone. I left off last time as I sat in an empty and bland room that was supposed to be my home, feeling out of place but at home. I wondered why I intuitively felt at home even when people that I had never met surrounded me. Still confused by that intuition, I went over to meet my O Crew. The O Crew, a group of around 10 freshmen who are lead by an upperclassman, is the backbone of the Orientation experience. This older student is a member of O Staff, which I mentioned in my previous post. I found my O Crew experience to be very beneficial. While I do not see most of the people who where in my O Crew anymore, I still found the experience to be very valuable. It provided me with a group of people that I could transition to college with. As my O Crew played simple games, took part in elaborate scavenger hunts and even watched the O Staff do a Gordonized version of “I’ll Make a Man Out of You” from Mulan, I found myself rapidly realizing why I felt so at home at Gordon. The community at Gordon is so wonderful that even a randomly assigned group of freshmen from all over the map could come together and instantaneously feel at home. This outstanding community was why I felt at home sitting in my empty dorm room, and it is why I remember my experience at Orientation 2009 fondly today.


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